ATLANTA – The Manheim Marketplace achieved record growth across its digital channels in the first half of 2018, the company announced today. The company said it observed double-digit growth in digital transactions, volume and sales as wholesale vehicle buyers and sellers continue to adopt a faster, more cost-effective way to move inventory.

During the first half, 45% of all vehicles were sold to a digital buyer on, OEM-specific Private Stores, OVE or Simulcast. Digital offsite dealer sales, transactions happening outside a physical auction location, experienced particularly strong growth, increasing 32.6% over 2017.

“Our clients are benefiting from the incredible audience of active buyers and engaged sellers in the Manheim Marketplace,” said Zach Hallowell, vice president of Manheim Digital Marketplace and RMS Automotive. “With significant upgrades to our digital auction technology, intelligent search functionality, Manheim Market Report valuations, OEM build data penetration, and condition reports, dealers have the peace of mind to feel confident in their digital purchases.”

RMS Automotive achieved several all-time records in the first half with its Private Stores seeing unprecedented sales levels from BMW/MINI, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan/Infiniti, Porsche, and Volvo. And buyers originating through co-listing generated 40% of total Private Store open sales. The co-listing capability allows open sale vehicles listed on the RMS Automotive Private Stores to be simultaneously offered on and OVE.

OVE achieved a major milestone of 3 million transactions since the platform launched in 2013, in part due to record months in March, May, and June, with transactions up 15.8% over 2017.

The company also reported the completion of several client-focused improvements to its digital channels during the period. They include the following:

  • Insight Condition Reports: Manheim rolled out a new Insight Condition Report that features more manufacturer data, crisper photos, and improved visuals.
  • Manheim Express: Debuted at NADA 2018 and launching nationwide on July 25, the Manheim Express mobile application offers dealers a self-service way to list and sell inventory in the Manheim Marketplace.
  • New OVE Search: Manheim launched the automotive industry's first intelligent search for wholesale inventory on OVE, reducing search time and delivering more accurate and personalized search results.
  • AI-Powered Optimization Solutions: Combining machine learning with Cox Automotive’s unmatched proprietary data assets, RMS Automotive created an AI-powered Optimization product suite — Pricing, Location, and Reconditioning — that provides vehicle-specific recommendations that inform data-driven decisions to drive the highest portfolio value for commercial clients.
  • Manheim Market Report (MMR) Enhancements: Manheim continues investing in MMR, making it more accurate through the addition of OEM build data and by leveraging machine learning and data science to adjust for other factors like condition and mileage variability.

“We are feeling bullish as we see an increase in cross-channel buying and selling, the cornerstone of the Manheim Marketplace,” said Derek Hansen, vice president of offsite solutions at Manheim. “The success we’ve seen so far this year fuels our desire to continue enhancing the digital experience and building trust with our buyers and sellers.”

Over the next few months, the company reported, Manheim Marketplace buyers and sellers will benefit from additional enhancements being implemented to improve their user experience. They include:

  • Enhanced Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) on OVE: The goal is to provide clients with the most relevant information at a glance. Insight Condition Reports information will be visible on OVE VDPs, making inventory sourcing easier and faster.
  • Manheim Seller Dashboard: Sellers will have the necessary information to make more data-driven decisions across their entire vehicle portfolio, while providing clearer insight into what actions are required to maximize their returns.
  • Personalized Vehicle Recommendations: To help buyers quickly find the right car, Manheim is leveraging deep data science capabilities and massive data set to provide highly relevant and personalized recommendations based on buyers’ previous activities.