Fluency founders Brian McVey, Eric Mayhew, Scott Gale, and Mike Lane.

Fluency founders Brian McVey, Eric Mayhew, Scott Gale, and Mike Lane.

Burlington, Vt. — Digital advertising agencies now have access to a scalable, artificial intelligence-driven ad platform with Fluency, a firm co-founded by Dealer.com founder Mike Lane and experts in the fields of ad tech, mar tech, engineering and client relations.

Fluency is a business-to-business (B2B) ad platform provider for industry-focused digital advertising and marketing agencies, which, to date, have had to choose between investing in an expansive in-house team to build and manage a proprietary platform, or partnering with a platform provider that may have limitations in scalability, personalization and reach.

“Digital advertising agencies, whether they realize it or not, are caught in the middle of ineffective options, all resulting in poor performance that results in churn of staff and clients,” said Lane, who serves as the firm’s CEO. “Our team recognized this and knew we could fix it. By using AI and our deep experience in ad tech and programmatic buying, we are serving up sophisticated automation — it is the only way for agencies to grow, scale and outperform the competition.”

Fluency’s easily integrated platform leverages a flexible open data exchange strategy: push data in and pull data out on demand so it can be utilized at all times to automate decisions and power campaigns. Users have a single point of entry to manage an entire campaign, monitor performance and launch the full portfolio across all accounts and channels. Tasks can easily be grouped together so updates are quick, accurate and consistent. This eliminates the risks associated with false advertising, outdated information and inconsistent branding, as well as the excessive time and money spent on manual operations and troubleshooting.

Fluency is founded by Lane, Eric Mayhew, Scott Gale and Brian McVey. The team previously worked together for several years growing an automotive-focused digital marketing company into a formidable disruptor valued at over $1 billion.