HOUSTON — GSFSGroup launches SecureNet Maintenance Plus, a reinsurable maintenance plan designed to drive traffic directly to the dealer’s service department.  This F&I product also offers dealers the opportunity to gain long-term profitability through the reinsurance feature.

“Unlike traditional OEM maintenance plans that can be used for service at any franchised dealership, Maintenance Plus directs the customer back to the dealership where the vehicle was purchased,” said Steve Amos, president of GSFSGroup.  “The unique reinsurance feature provides dealers with a long term wealth-building opportunity. This represents a significant enhancement to the maintenance program product line available through GSFSGroup.”

The SecureNet Maintenance Plus service contract is available in multiple pricing and reimbursement levels. These pricing tiers, in combination with a choice of service intervals, provide a range of options to accommodate all general market automobile service needs. This admin obligor maintenance plan gives consumers benefits that include oil changes, tire rotations and multi-point inspections. E-mail service reminders are an additional dealer-optional benefit for their customers.

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