NEW YORK — HookLogic and PureCars launched PureCars TradeHook, a new tool designed to generate increased online customer trade-in leads at subscribing dealerships.

PureCars TradeHook incentivizes shoppers with a gift card, redeemable at retailers nationwide, to submit their trade-in opportunity for an instant estimate. The gift card can be redeemed upon a full appraisal at the dealer. In addition, dealers can create a ‘Wish List’ of vehicles, increasing acquisitions of desirable vehicles.

Taking under a minute to complete, PureCars asks online shoppers questions about their trade. Customers are then provided with PureCars trade-in report that includes their vehicles’ estimated value. The tool then sends the lead to the dealer.

“For the first time, dealers can drive the most desirable trade-ins into the showroom so that used-car managers can achieve a higher win ratio,” said David Metter, president of automotive for HookLogic. “Everyone knows that getting the trade-in to the dealership raises the chances of acquiring the trade and putting a new-car deal together. We want to keep used-car managers away from the auction lanes and in the store, where they are most valuable.”

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