LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — Black Book (div. Hearst) announced the integration of its vehicle valuation data with Autodata Solutions, powered by ChromeData, a provider of automotive technology solutions and data licensed to industry professionals. The result is As-Built Valuation Service, an automated webservice for auto dealers, finance sources, insurance companies, and auctions.

The new offering harnesses ChromeData’s vehicle catalog data, OEM build data, and any user-entered feature descriptions to describe used vehicles, mapped to Black Book add/deducts. The service automatically returns a more thorough and precise vehicle value for any VIN compatible with the service, executives said.

“The integrated offering automates the process of VIN-specific decoding and adjustments on vehicle options, trims, and add/deducts,” said Jared Kalfus, executive vice president of revenue for Black Book. “The ability to automate this process saves significant time for the user, ensuring even greater accuracy during the valuation process.”

The service works either from a call with a single VIN or via batch processing for large volumes of vehicles. The VIN batch processing system is a “fast and easy” way to process all VINs with minimal effort, according to the announcement.

“The integration of Black Book and Autodata Solutions represents a game-changing opportunity for the industry,” said Craig Jennings, president of Autodata Solutions. “Industry professionals have had access to this data manually, but with the automation now possible through our integration, we expect to see significant benefits to valuation and profit potential.”

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