COSTA MESA, Calif. — ZimpleMoney launches ZimpleAuto, a solution that allows dealers to make and manage loans directly to low- and middle-income consumers, bypassing traditional lenders, banks, and credit unions.

“We can no longer rely on traditional lenders or banks, so we empowered auto dealers to use ZimpleAuto’s innovation to give people the credit they are due. At $10 a month, a dealer can’t find a better solution or a better value than ZimpleAuto,” said Steven Rabago, ZimpleMoney’s, Z.E.O

With ZimpleAuto, dealers easily manage their loans and buy-here, pay-here contracts in a secure hosted environment. ZimpleAuto’s software automates billing, collections, payment tracking, ledger posts and bank deposit. Customer’s can conveniently make payments online, anywhere, at any time.

And ZimpleAuto is the first vertical application using ZimpleMoney’s platform to target a specific industry.

For more information about ZimpleAuto, watch this video or contact a Zimple representative for a demo at