LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y. — DealerTrack Systems and @utoRevenue have partnered to develop and deliver a new campaign management program for dealers called DealerTrack DMS Campaign Management.  

The DealerTrack DMS Campaign Management program offers three distinct packages to help dealers drive customer retention and loyalty for their businesses with relevant, consistent communications by leveraging data within their existing DealerTrack DMS. The packages include:

• Online Scheduling Package: allows customers to schedule appointments online 24/7, check vehicle service history, and receive automated email and voice appointment reminders.

• Campaign Package: allows for the easy creation, management and tracking of recurring and ad-hoc e-mail campaigns, using skilled @utoRevenue marketing professionals or through a simple campaign request portal.

• Direct Mail Package: ensures every active customer in a dealer's DMS is reached with the combination of timely, relevant and impactful messages, helping to better manage direct mail costs and communications.

"Automotive dealers are constantly looking to expand their businesses, and now they have the tools to do so," said Allan Stejskal, vice president and general manager of DealerTrack Inc. "The packages available through this partnership truly span the breadth of what our dealers need. We believe that when a dealer applies DealerTrack DMS data through the managed marketing expertise of @utoRevenue, there's no question: it will translate into significant value for their store."

Brice Englert, general manager, @utoRevenue, stated, "This cooperative effort with DealerTrack will help introduce dealers to the power of fully-managed marketing. By incorporating the best of what @utoRevenue has perfected over the past 10 years, DealerTrack serves up an additional layer of revenue generation to its DMS customers. We couldn't be more pleased with the partnership."