CONCORD, Ca. — Technology provider Dealer Fusion announced it has added Carfax to its eMotion video marketing solution.

“Dealer Fusion and Carfax are working together to increase our mutual customers’ online conversion rates,” says Pierce Plam, Dealer Fusion CEO. “The addition of the Car Fox will increase a consumer’s confidence in the dealership which makes it easier to turn views into leads.”

Car buyers can view Dealer Fusion’s enhanced eMotion and eMotion Express video offerings on sites like AutoTrader,, Craigslist and YouTube, as well as the dealer’s own Website, according to Dealer Fusion.

“Videos have fast become an important part of the used car research process,” said Bill Eager, vice president of Carfax. “Including Carfax in eMotion videos can greatly influence an online shopper’s dealer choice and expedite their purchase decision.”

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