BURLINGTON, Vt. — Dealer.com announced the launch of Dealer.com Advertising, an integrated automotive advertising solution which pairs paid search and display advertising capabilities with dealers’ inventory and incentives.

The Dealer.com Advertising solution identifies the most effective marketing channels for each dealer customer and measures the cost-per-lead by campaign type, according to the company.

“As separate tools, display advertising and paid search are necessary components to a digital marketing strategy, but often they are not integrated, leaving a lot of headroom for greater campaign effectiveness,” said Mark Bonfigli, CEO of Dealer.com. “According to a recent ComScore study, display advertising on its own is shown to provide a 16 percent lift in sales. However, when display advertising is combined with paid search, the sales lift jumps to nearly 120 percent. With Dealer.com Advertising, we’ve seamlessly brought paid search and display advertising together in giving dealers the ability to control the digital ad campaign from creation to deployment, while tracking and measuring its effectiveness.”

The advertising solution features TotalControl DOMINATOR, a managed paid-search product; a custom-built display advertising tool; and CallTracking, which provides call tracking with 300 lines and 3000 pooled minutes, according to Dealer.com.

The Dealer.com Advertising solution has a consistent user interface and transparent enterprise-level reporting that captures critical data for measurement of campaign effectiveness and return on investment, according to the company. The solution also features an Inventory & Incentives Integration tool to automatically publish paid and display ads tied to OEM incentives.

For more information, visit https://www.dealer.com/products/packages.htm #Advertising-Package.