WALTHAM, Mass. — DealerRater announced last week that its dealer reviews and ratings will now be displayed on Kelley Blue Book’s new website. The partnership is part of the new online shopping experience KBB launched last month.

Kelley Blue Book’s new car online shopping experience, which features a new car-pricing tool called Price Advisor, is designed to create a more qualified consumer through pricing education, as well as in-depth information about car dealerships. As part of this experience, Price Advisor enables dealers to display DealerRater reviews and ratings to help consumers evaluate, connect and transact with confidence.

“The integration of DealerRater ratings and reviews within the Kelley Blue Book product set reinforces our leadership position in the automotive review space, the quality and quantity of our content, as well as how impactful dealer reviews are in the car-buying process,” said Chip Grueter, president of DealerRater. “It is more important and beneficial than ever for dealers to focus on generating reviews on DealerRater and becoming a DealerRater Certified Dealer.”

The new integration will be available to both DealerRater Certified Dealers and non-certified dealers, although Certified Dealers receive a number of additional benefits, including a two-week reconciliation period that allows them to communicate with unsatisfied customers through a private website panel before a negative review is posted on both DealerRater.com and KBB.com.

Certified dealers will also be able to display employee-specific reviews and information on KBB.com. They will also be able to sort employee-specific reviews on KBB.com. Dealers can also request that their DealerRater reviews and ratings be displayed on their Kelley Blue Book Dealer Overview page by contacting their local AutoTrader.com representative and providing their DealerRater URL.  

All dealers who have DealerRater reviews displayed on KBB.com will also have “Review this Dealership” or “Rate this Dealer” buttons on their Dealer Overview pages. These links will be directed to the dealer’s “Write a Review” page on DealerRater.com. When a consumer writes a review, the review will be sent through DealerRater’s in-depth content review process and fraud filters before appearing on both DealerRater.com and KBB.com.