BROOMFIELD, Colo. — Automotive systems integration and networking technology provider DealersLink announced it is now offering website services for used-car dealers across the United States.

Dealers can attract more leads and convert more visitors via a responsive website that is viewable across desktop and mobile devices. DealersLink’s new platform offers web-page templates that provide the fastest load times and best mobile experience in the automotive industry. With 94% of car buyers researching online before making an auto purchase, having an attractive website is a must in order to get the dealership’s sales team more qualified leads so they can sell more units, all according to the announcement.

“When we rebuilt our platform from the ground up, we started with a mobile-first design of responsiveness because everyone knows most users are starting with smartphone searches first and then transitioning to the desktop when they are serious,” said DealersLink CEO Mike Goicoechea. “We built the stack on a future-proof cloud model to ensure that performance and scalability are a top priority.”

The company’s website templates feature pictures, videos, vehicle descriptions, and lead forms, all designed to create a simple and attractive user experience.