CAMARILLO, Calif. — Desking solutions provider Market Scan announced the launch of three new products in time for NADA Show 2019: mProve Diagnostics, mDrive and mPortal, all of which will debut at this week’s event in San Francisco.

“We launched Market Scan 30 years ago with the ambition to offer software programs and services that are based on the premise that there is only one scientifically-perfect solution for any conceivable automotive transaction, and any solution that is less than perfect is simply unacceptable. We have not wavered from that position,” said Rusty West, the company’s co-founder and president. “It is with this backdrop that we are excited to introduce new, game-changing products for the industry. These products complement our existing portfolio of products as well as provide new and very powerful tools for dealers to improve their profitability and give dealers the ability to offer customers an improved and consistent online and in-showroom shopping experience.”

mPortal was designed to allow dealers to control the entire online and in-store payment quoting process and eliminates disconnect between online customer quotes and what is quoted in dealership. mDrive instantly provides the consumer and a dealership sales team a complete list of customer-qualified inventory. mProve analyzes every element of each of the dealer’s sales transactions and compares against best available practice or program.

mProve was developed in partnership with StoneEagle, the Richardson, Texas-based supplier of F&I technology for the retail automotive industry. mProve performs a thorough review of every sales transaction and the analysis will show exactly how each deal should have been constructed to improve the gross profit. mProve is designed to maximize each sales transaction and potentially add hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit each year, all according to the announcement.

“StoneEagle is a leading supplier of F&I technology and automotive sales performance solutions. When you pair StoneEagle’s SEcureMetrics Advanced F&I Analytics with our database of lender programs and OEM incentives, the output is simply astonishing,” West said.

Visit Market Scan at Booth 6739W at NADA Show 2019.

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