LAFAYETTE, Colo. – KPA, a software, consulting services, and training provider for Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) and Workforce Compliance solutions, announced the upcoming release of the Vera SuiteTM software platform for managing EHS, workforce compliance, online training, and regulatory management in a single integrated cloud system. 

Vera Suite is easy to navigate, user-friendly, and makes our lives easier!

“Vera Suite is a major step forward for KPA and the EHS industry,” said Chris Fanning, KPA President and Chief Executive Officer. “Vera Suite combines innovative and easy-to-use SaaS software, award-winning online training, and the regulatory and safety expertise of our 125+ certified EHS field consultants. That organizational expertise is built directly into Vera Suite, helping our clients not only stay current on federal and state regulations but enabling their organizations to more effectively manage their employees’ safety and risk.”

Vera Suite is the next generation of KPA software currently used at more than 10,000 client locations across the U.S. and Canada. The Vera Suite software platform enables organizations to:

  • Conduct mobile audits and inspections consistently across multiple facilities
  • Track and report incidents and accidents with a detailed audit trail for regulatory reporting and compliance
  • Perform corrective and preventive actions 
  • Manage Safety Data Sheet (SDS) library and chemical inventory
  • Stay compliant with the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Trade Commission, Department of Labor, and other regulatory standards with a comprehensive regulatory library and recommended actions from KPA
  • Manage online employee training with an extensive catalog of award-winning EHS and Human Resources (HR) training modules
  • Manage the elements of the employee lifecycle including hiring, onboarding, training, performance management, and termination 
  • Monitor EHS and Workforce compliance with intuitive reports and dashboards for a clear view of compliance by location, department, or individual

Vera Suite is designed to give safety professionals, operations leaders, and HR managers the tools they need to proactively manage potential risks before they result in injury or compliance concerns. Managers can assign issues for corrective action and manage them through to completion, including tracking federal and state-level regulatory requirements. Vera Suite works with small and mid-sized companies in industries where employee safety and regulatory compliance are business imperatives such as Automotive, Manufacturing, Transportation, Construction, and Hospitality. 

“Vera Suite is easy to navigate, user-friendly, and makes our lives easier! It has all the latest and greatest resources and is extremely helpful for both EHS and HR compliance,” said Raschell Floodman, HR Director at Dallas Retirement Village. “The real gem is the service that you receive as a client. The customer service team is beyond amazing and always there when you need them.”  

“A comprehensive compliance program protects your reputation, facilities, employees and, ultimately, your bottom line,” said Fanning. “KPA’s Vera Suite SaaS platform provides the right combination of compliance management software, regulatory resources, online training, and workforce management tools to help keep your organization compliant and to provide employees a safe working environment. We are extremely proud to bring this level of innovation to the market.” 

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