BURLINGTON, Vt.– Dealer.com, an automotive industry end-to-end digital marketing solution, announces a new integration enhancement to its website platform to help dealers deliver a better online user experience. The new website integration API makes it easier to create immersive third-party experiences on the Dealer.com platform, ultimately building more trust between shoppers and dealers through seamless user interactions.

We want to simultaneously help dealers improve their website integrations while also taking proactive measures to help protect their data.

In its ongoing commitment to deliver a convenient and relevant digital storefront experience, Dealer.com continues to analyze and optimize how third-party technologies plug in to its platform. Through innovation and direct partnership with both third parties and dealers, the new API simplifies and streamlines the process for implementing third-party code on dealer websites.  The API makes the process more efficient for dealers eliminating the need for custom integrations.

Dealer.com anticipates the needs of today’s consumers during these unprecedented times, helping dealers build important relationships that drive growth in an ever-changing consumer landscape. With more online traffic, security and data remain top priorities for dealers. The website integration API helps to protect dealer data while offering unprecedented access to Dealer.com’s proprietary platform, allowing third parties to control and update their own experiences. This API also minimizes the impact of third-party code on the overall quality of the digital storefront experience, while optimizing performance for consumers with improved site loading time and user experience best practices.

"We want to simultaneously help dealers improve their website integrations while also taking proactive measures to help protect their data,” said Wayne Pastore, vice president and general manager of Dealer.com. “With Dealer.com’s new API, we can track what third parties are doing on the platform to help ensure data security. We also can observe and monitor third-party code performance and provide feedback to both dealers and third-party providers on the user-experience of their integrations.” 

Dealer.com is working with all third parties to comply with these new integration methods. The company will continue to communicate and partner with all third parties to ensure the best possible user experience, data protection and performance for clients and their customers. 

To learn more about Dealer.com’s website integration API, please contact [email protected]. To learn more about Dealer.com’s Integrated Partner Program, visit https://www.dealer.com/products/integrated-partner-program.

Originally posted on Auto Dealer Today

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