NORCROSS – EasyCare, a leading provider and administrator of F&I products and solutions offered by franchised auto dealers, pledges to help their partners overcome challenges brought on by COVID-19, as well as prepare for when things return to normal, with a wide-ranging set of free digital retailing and training tools. 

As the coronavirus crisis impacts normal business operations, we take our responsibility to provide support during this difficult time seriously.

EasyCare's innovative Digital Retailing Toolkit offers dealers the chance to do business as close to usual as possible in this unpredictable environment and gain skills to succeed in the future, with marketing support, instant product and pricing recommendations, comprehensive sales and compliance training and more, all available on-demand.  

"As the coronavirus crisis impacts normal business operations, we take our responsibility to provide support during this difficult time seriously," says David DeCredico, Senior Vice President of Business Performance for EasyCare. "Our complimentary digital retailing toolkit gives dealers what they need to tailor the way they do business around conditions that can seem to change daily. We're making sure our partners have the resources in place to do business virtually and continue communicating with customers, no matter where they are. Plus, we offer training that dealers can take advantage of during the current slow-down, so they come out of this ready to hit the ground running."

Digital retailing tools available to EasyCare partners include:

  • Point-of-purchase-tools: Complimentary videos and digital marketing assets designed to help educate on the value of F&I products, ready to share online or directly with buyers via email, text, or social media.
  • EasyMenu: Modern, mobile responsive menu platform with a user-friendly layout that makes it easier to navigate to customer information, financing, menu options, and more. Plus, EasyCare’s digital marketing assets are embedded to help with customer education.
  • EasyCare Virtual Training: Comprehensive online courses covering a range of F&I product knowledge and advanced selling strategies, developed and led by EasyCare's veteran in-house training team.
  • Compliance Essentials: Video-based, interactive training to help staff maintain rigorous compliance standards.
  • Customer Care Center: Dealer-branded, multi-channel marketing efforts to customers who didn't purchase vehicle protection and those with expiring VSCs.

EasyCare has helped some of the most successful dealerships in the nation drive results—employing a mix of forward-thinking training and dealership development, a full suite of F&I products, and best-in-class customer service. These online offerings demonstrate their commitment to helping dealers succeed, even during these trying times.

Originally posted on Auto Dealer Today

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