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The Price of Compliance Is Going Up. Sorry.

The Federal Trade Commission’s Safeguards Rule now requires that someone — whether an employee...

Recent revisions to the federal Safeguards Rule cement the need for a compliance officer in every dealership. Whether their duties are performed by an employee or outsourced, satisfying the new requirement is going to cost your store thousands of dollars per month.


How to Sell F&I on Alt-Fuel Vehicles

Selling F&I on vehicles such as the BMW i8 plugin hybrid may require a fresh approach.

Many F&I pros are struggling to keep up with battery-powered vehicles — and the customers who buy them. Expert offers a process backed by education and a consultative approach.


Let’s Change One Little Fact …

Arranging transportation of a sold vehicle on behalf of an out-of-state buyer can change the...

Hudson explains how requiring out-of-state buyers to transport their own vehicle creates a ‘good fact’ that can help ensure your own state’s laws will govern the transaction.


Don’t Let the Sale Get in the Way

Jason Bateman (left) stars in “The Elevator,” a Hyundai Assurance ad that puts “Car Shopping” on...

People still love cars and still hate shopping for them. Improve your closing rate with a showroom strategy that rewards customers for making your dealership the only one they visit on their car-buying journey.