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Old Whine in a New Bottle

Hudson is disappointed to learn consumer advocates have been reaching into the recycling bin again.

Consumer protection is an honorable pursuit. But when advocates rely on recycled complaints and debunked theories, they undermine their own efforts at reform. Hudson breaks down the flawed arguments and wild misconceptions that continue to dog dealers and auto finance sources.


Louisiana Dealers Do Business Face-to-Face

Will Green grew up in a dealership family and earned a law degree before taking the helm of the...

Louisiana Automobile Dealers Association President Will Green believes the dealers in his state succeed by putting their customers and communities first and maximizing production — and emphasizing compliance — in the F&I department.


Help Your Dealers Close the Sale

Six-figure sales consultants have shed the bad habits and lame word-tracks that send customers...

Sales consultants are led to believe great closers are born, not bred. Top trainer disagrees and shares a process you can use to seal more deals — no deception, obfuscation, or tricks required.


Dwayne Hawkins Gives Back at Crown Automotive

Dwayne Hawkins is the founder and chief executive of the St. Petersburg, Fla.-based Crown...

The chairman and CEO of Crown Automotive Group has lived the American dream, created opportunities for thousands of employees, and offered countless car buyers a fair deal, all while devoting time, money, and resources to a long list of charitable causes.