Hoffman Estates, Ill.—ADP recently announced that it has launched ADP w.e.b.Menu, a fully customizable, Web-based menu selling system designed to help increase back-end grosses and streamline the F&I selling process. ADP has chosen MenuVantage’s real-time rating and submission software to be the exclusive F&I menu-selling software platform for w.e.b.Menu.

W.e.b.Menu offers many features, including real-time service contract rating, electronic submission of warranty and F&I products to providers, matching payments and full disclosure worksheets. F&I managers can use w.e.b.Menu to help boost product penetration, increase the speed of transactions, improve dealer compliance efforts and make the F&I selling process more consistent.

MenuVantage reports that dealers using MenuVanatge’s application have seen an average of 30 percent increase on back-end gross profit per deal when compared to deals delivered off the DMS.