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Help Your Dealers Close the Sale

Six-figure sales consultants have shed the bad habits and lame word-tracks that send customers...

Sales consultants are led to believe great closers are born, not bred. Top trainer disagrees and shares a process you can use to seal more deals — no deception, obfuscation, or tricks required.

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When Dealers Catch Criminals

Upgraded security cameras intended to document exterior damage on vehicles entering the service...

Noncompliant and outright illegal behavior by dealers, managers, and staff have generated headlines throughout the year. Less heralded are the instances in which dealership personnel took action that led to arrests.

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F&I Customers Are Just Like Us!

Boost your PVR with an F&I process that reflects your own expectations for a positive customer...

Top-producing F&I managers have learned to look at their presentations from the other side of the desk and build trust in the process — and themselves — to sell more products to more customers.


3 Digital Retailing Myths Debunked

Apprehensions about the cost and effectiveness of digital retail have kept many dealers on the...

Concerns over costs, the customer experience, and intangible benefits have prevented many dealers from competing in the digital sales and F&I arena. Separate fact from fiction with this three-minute read.