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Is Your Salesperson Running a CRO?

Sales superstars have a new tool for recruiting new fans, but it’s fraught with compliance...

Entrepreneurial salespeople are the rock stars of auto retail, but if their side hustle is a credit repair organization, they are creating a major liability for the dealership.


10 Quick Tips to Boost F&I Profits

Make 2020 a year to remember by rebooting F&I sales.

Raise your per-copy average and secure more of your customers’ investments by looking for more opportunities at every stage of the purchase and ownership experience.


Old Whine in a New Bottle

Hudson is disappointed to learn consumer advocates have been reaching into the recycling bin again.

Consumer protection is an honorable pursuit. But when advocates rely on recycled complaints and debunked theories, they undermine their own efforts at reform. Hudson breaks down the flawed arguments and wild misconceptions that continue to dog dealers and auto finance sources.

Blog Post

EVs Cost Even More Than You Think

McKinsey analysts say the cost to build a mass-market electric vehicle is about $12,000 higher...

Mergers and alliances among factories are proliferating as the demand for mass-market electric vehicles increases and the cost to build them makes profitability impossible.