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Top 10 Fraud Stories of 2019

When accusations of fraud cross state lines, the perpetrators run afoul of federal prosecutors.

A number of U.S. auto dealers and dealership sales and F&I personnel were the victims or alleged perpetrators in several major fraud cases this year.


WSJ: SEC Probing BMW Sales Reports

Ludwig Willisch (left), president and CEO of BMW North America, said “it happens” when asked...

The Wall Street Journal reports the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating accusations that BMW conspired with American dealers to inflate monthly sales reports.


Old Whine in a New Bottle

Hudson is disappointed to learn consumer advocates have been reaching into the recycling bin again.

Consumer protection is an honorable pursuit. But when advocates rely on recycled complaints and debunked theories, they undermine their own efforts at reform. Hudson breaks down the flawed arguments and wild misconceptions that continue to dog dealers and auto finance sources.