WASHINGOTON—Marguerite Watanabe, principal of Connections Insights in Alpharetta, Ga. was announced as a 2006 recipient of American Financial Services Association’s (AFSA) Distinguished Service Award (DSA).

Wantanabe is one of four executives to receive the DSA, which was presented during AFSA’s 90th Annual Meeting and Leadership Conference held in Washington, D.C. This award, the financial service industry’s highest honor, is given to individuals who have greatly contributed to the industry’s growth on a national level, advanced its objectives and quality and raised its image.

Wantanabe has nearly 20 years experience in the auto finance industry. She currently serves on AFSA’s board of directors, Vehicle Finance Board and Marketing Committee in addition to chairing AFSA’s Associate Member Advisory Board. She is also on the board of directors of the National Auto Finance Association (NAF) and is a member of the Consumer Bankers Association (CBA).