Scottsdale, Ariz.--The Automotive Dealership Institute has published the first Encyclopedia of Finance and Insurance Management, which covers automotive dealership operations and financing issues.

According to ADI Dean of Education, Arzu Algan, the book is a one-stop reference for F&I managers, lenders and corporate representatives.

"It contains critical information for all levels of dealership personnel, from the dealer principal and general manager to the F&I director and sales manager," Arzu Algan said. "There's something for everybody, including general agents, lenders and corporate representatives."

The Encyclopedia includes more than just finance and insurance topics; however, the F&I department is given special attention due to the vast expertise required to do the job in a legal, ethical and profitable manner. Some topics covered include retail sales, leasing and Internet finance; prime and nonprime finance, e-contracting and rules and regulations.

Contributors to the substantial volume include ADI’s executive staff: Alan Algan, author of Automotive F&I Management, originally published in 1992 when it became the first and only book on the subject to be catalogued by the U.S. Library of Congress; Arzu Algan, author of ADI’s copyrighted textbook; and President/Director of Corporate Affairs Keith Tuber, a former journalist with 16 writing awards to his credit, who served as executive editor of the project.

Additional distinguished contributors include Robert W. Serum, Ph.D., vice president, Academics and International Programs for Northwood University; Dr. David D. Long, chancellor and COO of Northwood University; David N. Robertson, executive director of the Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals (AFIP); John Walsh, director of education for the Institute for Ethical Behavior; and Thomas Hudson, senior partner at Hudson Cook, LLC.

The Encyclopedia of Finance and Insurance Management contains 776 pages, 83 sections and 151 charts and informational graphics. The Encyclopedia, which retails for $795, was released at the F&I Conference and Expo Nov. 8-10, and 12 copies were awarded to winners of a drawing.

“The Encyclopedia of Finance and Insurance Management is destined to become the bible of the automotive industry,” said Dr. Long. “It contains a wealth of information on all aspects of F&I management, including ethics. I see it evolving with the industry, making it and future editions a dynamic, practical resource guide. It is a book written by professionals, for professionals.”

The Encyclopedia will be marketed and distributed in Asia by The Asian Banker, and throughout the United Kingdom and other European Union countries by a number of prominent distributors.

To purchase the Encyclopedia of Finance and Insurance Management, call 877-998-7200.