Portland, Ore.—Compli and CounselorLibrary LLC have integrated CounselorLibrary’s CARLAW into the Compli Dealership Management System (DCMS). The new add-on product to the Compli DCMS gives U.S. auto dealerships instant online access to the most current state- and issue-specific information on legal developments in consumer credit that directly affect auto dealership and their efforts to manage compliance and mitigate risk.

“CARLAW is the most comprehensive source available for relevant information on legal developments in the realm of consumer finance,” said Steve Bryan, senior vice-president of sales and marketing at Compli. “CARLAW is a must-have addition for dealership finance managers using the Compli DCMS.”

CARLAW includes a monthly summary report that gives an overview on the prior month’s developments in the realm of consumer finance and real-time email alerts on hot topics and issues. Users may organize each section of CARLAW by current, year-to-date and prior year developments in consumer finance affecting auto dealers. CARLAW also includes a search engine, making it easy to locate state-specific topics and information. With an annual subscription, dealers will also receive Spot Delivery, a monthly newsletter that addresses legal issues in the auto industry and keeps dealers informed on new legal developments that affect their businesses.