Clifton Park, N.Y.– Auto/Mate Dealership Systems, ranked the highest for overall customer satisfaction in the last three NADA surveys, has announced the introduction of a new and unique feature in its AMPS (Automotive Management Productivity Suite) dealership management system. Dash/Mate is a tool that can be used to select graphical elements, called “widgets,” that can display dealership vital statistics, and allows them to be viewed at-a-glance.

Users throughout a dealership can use Dash/Mate to set up customized, graphical representations of particular metrics they are interested in. For instance, a general manager might want to keep abreast of the number of vehicle sales each day to see if the dealership is on track for the month. Dash/Mate allows the GM to create a widget graphical element such as a bar chart, meter or thermometer, that can be displayed in AMPS at all times. Arrows or colored indicators will let the GM know at a single glance if the dealership is below, meeting or exceeding goals. A sales manager might set up a speedometer to show their rate of new vehicle sales. An F&I manager may set up a gauge to show the percentage of how many cars are sold with extended warranty contracts and if that number is meeting a goal.

“Dash/Mate is a truly unique feature that no other dealer system offers,” said Mike Esposito, president of Auto/Mate. “This tool is an example of how Auto/Mate’s real dealership knowledge is integrated into our product offerings. Our team has more than 175 combined years of automotive dealership experience, and we know exactly what type of information is most important to dealers and general managers.”

Dash/Mate was inspired by indicators on a vehicle dashboard that let the driver know speed, temperature, fuel and engine oil levels with a single glance. Unlike other dealer systems that offer similar statistical information in the form of spreadsheets or other complicated numerical representations, Dash/Mate graphics are visually appealing, and allow users to customize fonts, colors, and what type of graphical element is displayed.

Dash/Mate offers a long list of metrics that can be represented in the form of LED displays, volt meters, charts and more. Users can also create a customized report using information accessible to them in the AMPS system. Dash/Mate automatically updates the information in graphical elements several times daily by accessing corresponding records in the AMPS system.

Dash/Mate will be available in the 2nd quarter, and is included as a standard feature within AMPS (Automotive Management Productivity Suite) by Auto/Mate Dealership Systems.