Tustin, Calif. — Auto Advisory Services and Motor Vehicle Software Corporation have announced the launch of DMVDesk, the auto retail industry’s first comprehensive vehicle management system. DMVDesk is a Web-based software program that offers vehicle dealers the ability to:

1. Electronically file vehicle registration information with the DMV.

2. Maintain control over the entire registration process through DMVDesk’s powerful electronic logbook.

3. Automatically track all DMV submission deadlines.

4. Prevent costly license and registration fee penalties.

5. Avoid having to maintain an inventory of license plates and stickers using PlateFee centralized plate distribution.

6. Run vehicle registration printouts to confirm vehicle ownership and uncover title defects such as those found with salvaged vehicles or lemon law returns.

A deal with the Orange County Auto Dealers’ Association will allow all of their members to receive free usage of DMVDesk for a full year.

Through its Business Partner Automation Program, the California DMV has granted First Line Service Provider status to the Motor Vehicle Software Corporation (MVSC). This allows MVSC to connect dealerships electronically to the DMV. Once dealerships go through the registration process, the MVSC mails a registration card, license plates and tags to the dealer’s customer. Dealers are able to track the entire process through DMVDesk, including the status of the shipment of plates.

DMVDesk’s electronic logbook automatically keeps track of DMV rules, including due-dates, which helps to reduce penalties and confusion. The overall goal of DMVDesk is to simplify the registration process, reduce dealership exposure to penalties and DMV administrative action and lighten the registration load for the business office.