Orlando, Fla. — MenuVantage has announced that it signed an agreement to provide integration to RouteOne’s Web-based credit application management system (CAMS), in an effort to provide RouteOne and MenuVantage's shared dealership customers a fully integrated menu selling system for the sales desk, F&I and service lane.

The integration will enable proper data flow within the dealership, which saves dealership personnel a significant amount of time on each transaction.

MenuVantage generates a sales menu for the sales desk and worksheets in the sales department as well as custom quotes and menus in the F&I office and service drive. MenuVantage retains all of the F&I menus for three years, credit reports for seven years and OFAC checks for seven years.

Using MenuVantage, managers in sales, service and F&I can pull a deal from their Dealer Management System in seconds and create a menu for the desk and a customer application simultaneously. They will be able to use the RouteOne integration to send the application to RouteOne, which enables users to submit the application to RouteOne's finance source network. This integration will save time and create a better workflow for users on each transaction.