CINCINNATI – Dealer Specialties, a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions and a provider of data and photo collection, inventory management and data distribution services, has announced that the addition of Google Base to its list of Internet distribution partners. Automotive dealers using Dealer Specialties’ data and photo collection and distribution services will benefit from having their new- and used-vehicle information posted and updated in real time on Google Base, which is the No.1 ranked search engine in the world.

“Google Base is a value-added service that provides free leads to our customers, which is another benefit to partnering with Dealer Specialties,” said Brian Page, general manager of Dealer Data Services. “Posting vehicle inventory on Google Base will result in increased traffic to our customers’ Web sites and result in more car sales.”

Nearly 500,00 vehicle listings from Dealer Specialties’ customers are currently active on the search engine. Google Base allows consumers searching for a specific type of vehicle to enter in attributes, such as make, model, location, price, color and year, and returns search results with a list of specific vehicles that match their criteria. Consumers can then link from the search result page to an inventory site page where more detailed vehicle specs are given.

Dealer Specialties' Vehicle Manager inventory management tool allows dealers to easily enter, modify and remove inventory at any time, which updates the information to Google Base and Dealer Specialties’ 1,500 other partner Web sites; as well as to the dealer’s own Web site. Vehicle Manager also offers a user-friendly, graphical interface that simplifies inventory management and marketing tasks.