Southfield, Mich.— R.L.Polk & Co., a provider of marketplace statistics for the automotive industry, released 2006 calendar year-end figures showing Ford Division with the highest number of total new vehicle registrations, which includes all vehicle categories, including medium and heavy duty trucks. The following chart shows total vehicle registration volumes for the top five makes, which account for more than 55 percent of the total industry registrations.

2006 CYE New Registrations (January - December 2006)

Make - Total New Vehicle Registrations*

Ford - 2,457,735

Chevrolet - 2,433,807

Toyota - 2,214,375

Honda - 1,308,558

Dodge - 1,085,294

*Includes all vehicle categories, including medium/heavy duty trucks.

Polk's new vehicle registrations are based on state-sourced records and are compiled and reported on a monthly and consistent basis focusing on complete national coverage. While automakers effectively leverage sales-based data for the industry, registration figures can differ from sales figures due to timing and reporting differences established by separate reporting parties.

As a third-party partner, Polk's registration information is used to conduct market analyses supporting a variety of needs in order to quantify and plan for buyer behavior. Registrations are the primary basis for national and regional examinations based on total, retail, and other available vehicle- based classifications.