Scottsdale, Ariz. – Joseph Kenny, president of the Scottsdale-based Automotive Industry Education Foundation, joined celebrities Ed Begley Jr. and his wife Rachelle Carson, actress Daryl Hannah, Chris Paine, director of "Who Killed the Electric Car?," and more than 400 supporters, investors and environmentalists at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, this past week, for the unveiling and induction of the only five-passenger, all-electric, freeway-speed sport utility truck (SUT) in America.

“We are very excited to support the efforts of Phoenix Motorcars as they bring this important vehicle to the marketplace and revolutionize fleet and consumer transportation,” said Alan Algan, chairman and CEO of the Automotive Industry Education Foundation. “We want to congratulate them on the launch of their SUT and wish them great success in their roll out.”

Phoenix Motorcars' customized red and black SUT will be on display in the Alternative Power exhibition at the Petersen Automotive Museum, along with a dozen other alternative fuel vehicles. The 35,000 square foot museum displays historic automotive exhibits in its five main galleries.

"This electric vehicle is rising from the ashes of the failed electric car industry," said Ed Begley Jr., co-host of the event. "This is a cool vehicle. It is fast, green and attractive."

Those attending the party, who had the opportunity to get behind the wheel to test-drive the electric SUT, raved about the driving experience and the vehicle’s overall performance. Chris Paine was among the first to test-drive the Phoenix. "This electric vehicle is amazing. It drives like a real car, except that it has no noise and does not pollute the environment,” Paine said.

"This vehicle is suitable for my lifestyle,” actress Daryl Hannah said. “Most electric vehicles I have seen are compact and this SUT is spacious and has its own style."

The Phoenix Motorcars SUT is a battery-electric vehicle that eliminates noise and the toxic vehicle emissions that contribute to air pollution. This zero-emission SUT can easily cruise at freeway-speeds while carrying five passengers and a full payload. The Phoenix SUT has a driving range of over 100 miles. It can be recharged in less than 10 minutes and has a battery pack with a life of 12 years or more.

Brentwood Communications International Inc., producers of the hit TV series "Living With Ed," starring Ed Begley Jr., asked the Automotive Industry Education Foundation to assist in promoting a follow-up launch party for the Phoenix SUT in the Dallas area, Thursday, March 8, from 6 p.m.-9 p.m., at the Sam Pack Automotive Museum in Farmers Branch, Texas. Joseph Kenny and the Foundation will invite automotive industry executives, fleet managers, foundation contacts and key influencers to attend the event.