Austin, Texas — IAS has announced SmartDealerProducts suite of software will be available to all dealerships in the United States and in Canada, with or without a commitment to sell IAS warranty products. Since the inception of SmartDealerProducts in 2001, the software has only been available to dealers who sell a minimal number of IAS' various F&I warranty products. Under this condition, the software has been and will continue to be free to dealers.

With this additional pricing plan; however, the SmartDealerProducts suite will now be available to thousands of dealerships who otherwise would not have access to the software. Dealers can now choose to use the software without a product commitment for a small monthly license fee, or with a product commitment for no monthly fee. Either way, dealers use the software on a month to month basis without a long term contract.

"We are very excited to offer a way for all dealers to take advantage of our software suite. We're giving dealers the choice — sell our top of the line warranty products and get the software for free or pay a small monthly fee," says Matt Nowicki, director of IT for IAS. "Either way, dealers will get the best suite of F&I software on the market for substantially less than our competitors charge, and without being locked in to a lease or other long- term contract. And our software is fully loaded out of the box — we won't nickel and dime our customers on added features like OFAC lookups and electronic VSC rating."

The SmartDealerProducts suite includes the SmartMenu desking and F&I menu generation tool, the SmartEye digital audio/video recording and archival tool, and the SmartTrac multimedia F&I sales presentation tool.