Addison, Texas — DealerAdvance Inc. announced that it will begin to target sales of its proprietary WEBDA program towards new car dealers across the United States.

"Out of the 21,500 new car dealers, only about 50 percent have a Customer Relations Management (CRM) tool in place. This is an incredible marketing opportunity for WEBDA. We feel that through our concentrated sales and marketing efforts the company can capture approximately 2 percent of the total market over the next 24 months generating over $8.0 million in sales for the company,” said Steven Humphries, Dealer Advance CEO. “Because of the slow-down in automotive sales and the desire of dealers to maximize the management of their customer relations programs, the market for our WEBDA program has really heated up. We are now taking aggressive sales measures, assuring DLAV the maximum amount of business in the shortest period of time.”

WEBDA is the newest addition to DLAV's CRM application. The system is Web-based and is available at a fraction of the cost of the original DLAV system. The original server based system is now being replaced in the almost 100 dealerships previously being served.

According to Humphries, dealers that have utilized the original DealerAdvance system have shown a 90 percent increase in captured customer data and a 30 percent increase in appointment setting. "It's all about sales," says Humphries, "theirs and ours."