Portland, Ore. — Compli has rolled out a new version of the Web-based Compli Dealership Compliance Management System (DCMS) to provide U.S. auto dealerships with a regulatory compliance system that helps them to prevent or mitigate legal risks and save money. The new features in the Compli DCMS are based on content in Compli’s Guided Compliance Initiatives, which is included with the DCMS to give auto dealerships a clear roadmap to achieving legal protection from risks and liability.

The latest version of the Compli DCMS provides greater ease of use and enables dealers to automate the entire on-boarding and orientation process while also providing encrypted and secure I-9 and W-4 forms. The DCMS can be used to provide new employees with written performance expectations, clear information on the dealership compliance program, and compliance training. Streamlined on-boarding and orientation can make a positive first-impression on newly hired employees, which helps to improve employee retention rates. And, according to research by DeltaTrends, an employee’s positive impression of a dealership during the first 30 days on the job increases the gross margin generated by that employee.

The new DCMS also addresses risks and advanced compliance in three of the top areas of dealership liability, which, according to several major insurance carriers serving the industry, are premises liability, theft and fraud, and automobile liability.

The new Compli DCMS also addresses a fast-growing area of risk — computer and Internet use — and features these other enhancements:

-Higher productivity with faster, easier editing of Training Assessment forms

-Greater security of compliance programs for employee on-boarding and orientation with encrypted forms

-Dealers may now obtain DCMS monitoring services with guidance on effective compliance programs plus a clear roadmap of best practices developed through Compli’s benchmarking of programs across dealerships.

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