GSFSGroup has launched Compass Team, a new training and consulting division. Building on GSFSGroup’s existing Financial Services training, Compass Team will now offer courses for all areas of the dealership, including fixed operations. Introduced during NADA 2007, this new division is solely dedicated to providing a dealership with the most up-to-date practices in the industry, while offering one location for all training and consulting needs.

“We believe it is important to have a common language and support a common culture throughout all departments when it comes to training in order to maximize profits and satisfy customers. If each department in a dealership is trained by a different vendor the goal of management often falls into that of a translator or referee between departments,” said GSFSGroup Vice President Laura Ryan. “Now we’re expanding and putting a brand name to the program. It’s a full time initiative and we’ve really ramped up to support the training demand of the market place.”

Training programs range from financial services development to recruiting, interviewing and hiring programs inclusive of processes, interviewing kits and electronic profiles. Each course is modularized, allowing flexibility, and is offered at GSFSGroup’s on-site training facilities in Houston and Dallas, in a specific market, or in-dealership.

Compass Team also offers an innovative Sales Boot Camp course, which is set up in three parts: two-day basic training, two-day advanced training, and one-day master training. This original approach helps to shorten the learning curve and get new associates up to speed faster than a traditional training process.

Since its start in January, Compass Team already has more than 40 dealerships enrolled in its courses.

“Every dealer must start to think about the fact that their customer base is changing rapidly as younger generations enter the buying market,” said Ryan. “By 2010 the Gen X &Y demographics will represent forty percent of the car buying market. If dealerships don’t update their process today to cater to the different expectations of this younger generation they will automatically lose four out of 10 customers tomorrow. Compass Team is offering a new feel in order to make service, sales and F&I dynamic.”

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