Orlando, Fla. — CompleteAuto, an RCAU Company, announced that it has formed an affiliate partnership with Capital One Auto Finance to implement the company's “Blank Check” program into the CompleteAuto software. CompleteAuto vehicle listing solution software will now provide vehicle shoppers across the nation with the ability to obtain vehicle financing immediately online from Capital One.

Additionally, a concluded compensation agreement between both companies is estimated to render notable increases in revenues to CompleteAuto, by compensation paid by Capital One Auto Finance for every customer who obtains vehicle financing from the CompleteAuto vehicle listings or Web site.

Capital One Auto Finance generated 1.5 million auto loan applications across its 44 million customer base last year alone. Capital One will be utilized to allow potential customers the ability to seek auto financing immediately at the time of shopping for a new vehicle. Providing such a service within the listing template will increase the simplicity of purchasing a vehicle, and in turn draw additional dealers to adopt the CompleteAuto software.

Capital One Auto Finance provides vehicle loans to customers directly via the Internet, as well as through dealerships nationwide. Using innovative technology, Capital One provides vehicle financing solutions to customers of various credit backgrounds. Once approved, qualified customers receive a no-obligation Blank Check, which works like a personal check and can be used to buy a new or used car or motorcycle, refinance or even buy out a lease. As previously described, these simplistic services will now become one of the many unmatched characteristics of the CompleteAuto listing software.

“As we continually strive to lead our industry in vehicle listing solutions, we feel that this affiliation with Capital One Auto Finance will provide our customers with the best financing resources available. Affiliation with a Fortune 500 Company like Capital One provides positive visibility within the financial and automotive industries. Capital One is an industry leader in automotive financing and we are confident that they are a suitable institution to make use of the numerous financing requests that we receive. The formation of this mutually beneficial relationship further indicates the creditability of CompleteAuto and its product offerings in the online automotive industry,” said Jeff Roman, CEO of CompleteAuto.