Orlando, Fla.— CompleteAuto, a RCAU company, has completed software modifications necessary to allow its dealers to list directly on AutoTrader.com. Available immediately, dealers can begin implementing the CompleteAuto software to list vehicles for sale online at AutoTrader.com. CompleteAuto will now be utilized on the world’s two largest automotive sales sites through its ability to allow dealers to list vehicles on eBay Motors and AutoTrader.com simultaneously.

“This is a monumental milestone in the marketability of the CompleteAuto software,” said Jeff Roman, CEO of RCAU and CompleteAuto. “Most of all dealers will agree that listing on multiple marketplaces is one of the most time consuming objectives of the online division in a dealership. CompleteAuto now has an efficient solution to that highly common problem.”

Estimates have more than 75 percent of the dealers in the CompleteAuto customer base already listing vehicles for sale online at AutoTrader.com. By these statistics, the total number of vehicles listed online using the CompleteAuto listing software will nearly double.

The introduction of the multi-venue listing capability allows dealers to significantly decrease the downtime spent on listing vehicles on multiple online marketplaces. Unfortunately to most dealers, listing on the world’s two largest online automotive sites is an essential key in properly marketing a vehicle for sale. The addition of the multi-venue capability allows any contracted dealer to simply select to have any listing exported to both eBay Motors and AutoTrader.com at the same time.

CompleteAuto anticipates that a substantial number of existing dealer clients and potential customers will immediately begin to request contracts to utilize the listing software as a direct result of the addition of the multi-venue capability.