Dayton, Ohio – Reynolds and Reynolds' POWER Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application now integrates with Callbright's Call Management System, allowing automobile dealerships to improve the effectiveness of CRM activities, especially lead management and dealership call tracking. Callbright, which offers a Web-based call management system for managing telephone traffic in real time, is ideal for dealerships to use with CRM applications to improve customer relationships and to measure advertising and marketing efforts more effectively.

With the integration of Callbright into POWER CRM, when a customer calls the dealership, a record containing the caller’s information can be automatically added to the POWER system. Dealership personnel also can link new and existing customers together, as well as take notes on calls within the CRM software. Business Development Center (BDC) managers have the ability to see calls in progress, listen to completed calls, and run reports to gain a better understanding of their inbound calls.

“The POWER CRM software provides our dealership customers with an exceptional real-time CRM solution and the interface with Callbright extends these real-time benefits,” said Tony Fowler, vice president of New Product Design for Reynolds. “When a customer or prospect calls the dealership, a screen-pop appears that includes the caller’s name, telephone number, and available demographics, even if the caller has never contacted the dealership before. This is ‘live’ information delivered while the customer is on the phone, instead of after the call is completed.”

“The integration between Callbright and the POWER CRM application offers a powerful, yet easy-to-use interface,” said David Carter, president of Callbright. “Both BDC users and managers alike will experience a significant benefit in how calls are received and monitored. The acquisition of new prospects for a dealership will certainly become a more efficient process.”

Callbright actively integrates with Do Not Call (DNC) lists and is an effective tool for dealerships to use to comply with DNC regulations. Callbright also enables dealerships to reach large audiences with pre-recorded announcements quickly and efficiently and to identify which advertisements are the most effective, based on telephone call response rates.

Fowler concluded: “We have added even more value to the POWER CRM application by integrating Callbright, which can provide an enormous amount of information for a dealership. This is one more example of the technology and product innovation that Reynolds can offer through POWER to help customers improve their operations and maximize their profit.”

Callbright was recently named the Diamond Award winner for the second consecutive year as the top provider in call tracking technology in the 2007 Dealers’ Choice Awards, presented by Auto Dealer Monthly. Reynolds also received Platinum Awards for the third consecutive year for its CRM tools and for its Dealership Management Systems.