Orange, Calif. – SRC LLC., a developer and provider of geographic business intelligence technology and solutions, announced a strategic partnership with Outsell LLC., an Internet auto sales and marketing company.

Targeting auto dealers who want to significantly increase car and fixed operations sales via the Internet, Outsell has licensed SRC’s data quality and spatial analytics technology, AlteryxTM, to give customers a comprehensive and cohesive view of business-critical data. This partnership will help satisfy auto dealers’ desire for immediate and seamless access to accurate data about customers’ automotive buying habits and will give them the ability to build relationships, while qualifying prospects and closing more deals.

“Our relationship with SRC is extremely good news for our dealer partners because it will give them the ability to leverage accurate and in-depth retail and automotive data that has traditionally been unavailable or inaccessible,” said Bart Greenwood, chief Operating operator for Outsell. “We see our partnership with SRC as a strategic step that will continue to help auto dealers better understand their customers and re-focus on their sales process in a more productive way that ultimately deepens customer relationships, reduces costs and increases revenue.”

SRC’s technology application will help power Outsell's Total Internet Sales and Marketing Solution, which offers auto dealerships a way of attracting, engaging, developing and driving Internet car leads into physical dealerships to the point of purchase.

With SRC’s technology application, Outsell clients can get even more precise about targeting their Internet marketing efforts and sales messaging, taking into account how individual buyers react to the sales process. Auto dealers can think more proactively about the transaction, explore different options available, and focus the sales process in the most strategic way possible. By helping dealers pinpoint with precision when consumers take action in the car-purchasing sales cycle, dealers have the consumer insight needed to build a customer-centric Web experience that increases revenues.

“Our partnership with Outsell demonstrates the limitless application of SRC’s market analysis platforms to empower customers to harness customer business intelligence to achieve greater corporate profitability and ultimately business success,” said Paul Evans vice president of sales for SRC. “We are extremely excited about teaming up with Outsell because they too are revolutionizing their industry, delivering a strategic approach to automotive marketing and a sales process that is focused on helping auto dealers make informed, bottom-line based decisions based on the very best knowledge available.”