Orlando, Fla. — Rocket City Automotive Group Inc. (RCAU) announced that it has begun accepting deposits and preliminary contracts for eAutoDrop locations. Auto Link Fine Imports of Dallas, Texas, a nationally recognized luxury high-line dealer of over 18 years, has finalized contracts and submitted its $25k payment to begin the development stages of obtaining an eAutoDrop location at its Dallas dealership.

Since the introduction of the eAutoDrop concept, RCAU has received nearly 100 inquiries from dealers across the nation interested in obtaining information about in-store locations. In efforts to capture the substantial market response being shown, RCAU is now accepting preliminary contracts or Letters of Intent, secured by the previously described “location fee” of $25K, from dealers interested in securing an early position in the development process of the eAutoDrop concept.

Upon the completion of regulatory statues, RCAU will begin exercising the accumulated contracts into actual eAutoDrop locations. Obtaining the preliminary contracts from dealers will allow RCAU to not only absorb the current market exposure, but accelerate to the stage of profitability within the overall eAutoDrop project. With the current inquiry level, RCAU estimates that over sixty-five preliminary contracts will be finalized and funded, bringing immediate eAutoDrop sales revenues to nearly $2.0M. Additionally, each location will be responsible for minimum recurring $1,000 monthly fees for the optimization and maintenance of the CompleteAuto Listing Software as well as appropriate royalties.

“eAutoDrop is one of our most exciting concepts to come from the development team here at RCAU,” said Jeff Roman, CEO of RCAU and eAutoDrop Inc. “As the excitement continues to boil more each day, we wanted to take a full opportunity to turn that into immediate revenue for eAutoDrop and RCAU. Partnering with Auto Link Fine Imports is the first step of getting this concept to the market quickly and is just one of the great innovations the marketplace will see from RCAU over the several months.”