LAS VEGAS and Temecula, Calif. — Western Funding Inc. and ON TIME Payment Protection Systems, Inc. (PPS) of Temecula, Calif., have announced a strategic integration of PPS’s ON TIME starter interrupt system. Western Funding will now be able to support the use of the ON TIME payment protection system by auto dealers. Western Funding has created new underwriting guidelines for the dealers and established purchasing procedures for accounts with ON TIME devices.

“Our Company is celebrating our 45th Anniversary this year, and in our desire to provide the utmost in service to our dealers and consumers we are proud to announce this Strategic Partnership with ON TIME and the code based ON TIME system integration to our portfolio of services,” said Western Funding President Dwight Cope. “This system helps all three parties in the transaction; dealer, customer and lien holder.”

The agreement allows Western Funding to purchase and service accounts from dealers that have an ON TIME code based starter interrupt device installed. PPS and WFI have built a 24 hour/7 day IVR (integrated voice response) system that will distribute codes to Western Funding/ON TIME customers as payments are received, as well as distributing the codes via SMS text messaging and e-mail. The customers can also acquire their unique codes by calling Western Funding’s 800 number during normal business hours.

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