Westlake Village, Calif. — 5square.com has introduced a series of enhancements and tool upgrades to their suite of sales process software for dealerships.

A new menu tool has been added at the request of dealers that can ensure all options are available to customers during the entire sales process. The new tool can improve dealer gross while reducing the time the customer needs to spend in the F&I department and satisfying legalities with full disclosure and no hidden costs.

The new tool can also show available options to customers either electronically or via a printout. Furthermore, software menus can be customized to show various combinations of options along with the total vehicle price and payment options for enhanced customer service.

5square.com also unveiled an accessory sales tool to help dealers work with customers on the purchase of additional amenities to a vehicle rather than have the consumer make aftermarket acquisitions.

The tool can give dealers the option of showing customers a list of specific additional accessories available on a vehicle along with Web site links to provide more details and pricing information.

Company officials also highlighted the purpose of 5square.com's multiple leads source report, a tool they said can help dealers alleviate costs of duplicate leads.

5square.com’s multiple leads source report can capture all incoming leads and stamp them with the date and time. This process can show dealers which organization initially sent a lead, potentially saving a dealership as much as $2,000 by showing and getting credit for duplicate leads.