Scottsdale, Ariz. – The library edition of the Automotive Dealership Institute’s ground-breaking Encyclopedia of Finance and Insurance Management has been released. With the same look and feel as the first edition unveiled at the F&I Conference last November, it is more easily obtainable for all levels of dealership personnel at a price of $399.

“Most dealerships responded very positively to the first edition of the Encyclopedia and we completely sold out in less than seven months,” said CEO/Executive Director Alan Algan. “Financial institutions, warranty companies and general agents bought copies and now we want to make sure it is accessible and affordable to all dealership employees on personal basis.”

Renowned industry leaders provided in-depth analysis of F&I-related topics, making the Encyclopedia the most significant collaboration of work about automotive dealership operations to date.

The772-page Encyclopedia includes much more than just finance and insurance topics; however, the F&I department is given special attention due to the vast expertise required to do the job in a legal, ethical and profitable manner. Among the topics covered are:

-Dealership Organization and Development

-Retail Sales, Leasing and Internet Finance

-Finance and Insurance – Prime and Non-Prime

-F&I Menu-Selling Process and Objection Handling

-Laws, Rules and Regulations


-Collecting, Analyzing and Evaluating Credit Information

-Ethics for Automotive Financial Professionals

“The Encyclopedia is meant to be a one-stop reference where any information you need is right at your fingertips,” said ADI Dean of Education Arzu Algan. “It contains critical information for all levels of dealership personnel, from the dealer principal and general manager to the F&I director and sales manager. There’s something for everybody, including general agents, lenders and corporate representatives.”

Contributors include ADI’s Alan Algan and Arzu Algan, Robert W. Serum, Ph.D., vice president, Academics and International Programs for Northwood University; David N. Robertson, executive director of the Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals (AFIP), who also wrote the foreword; and Thomas Hudson, senior partner at Hudson Cook, LLC, author of the book CARLAW.

The library edition of the Encyclopedia of Finance and Insurance Management is published with a hard cover of black cloth. Only a limited number will be printed at this price and available while the supplies last.