Baltimore, Md. — XIGroup, a division of Dominion Enterprises, announced the launch of a customer advocate program designed to help its dealer customers get the most out of their Web solutions. XIGroup customer advocates proactively monitor dealer Web site usage and other metrics, then call to offer dealers suggestions, methods for improving results, training tips and ways to stay effectively engaged in the internet marketing process.

“One of the biggest challenges in this industry is when dealers make a large investment in tools such as lead generating Web sites, inventory management products and search engine marketing, and then don’t use them or use only a small fraction of the features, thereby never realizing the full potential return on investment,” said Brian Burns, general manager of XIGroup.

Additionally, many dealers don’t call vendors when they do encounter problems, which is why XIGroup implemented a proactive approach. “We have a genuine interest in our customers’ success, and by having our customer advocates connect with dealers on a regular basis, we hope to sustain long-term partnerships,” said Burns.

XIGroup offers comprehensive in-dealership and Webcast training when its Internet solutions are implemented, but many dealership employees use only a small portion of what the products offer. The customer advocate program was designed to determine whether a dealer is utilizing all the tools necessary to achieve continued success. Customer advocates work with the dealers to look at historical information and determine whether the changes they made to their marketing programs worked, and why. Advocates also analyze leads quality, quantity and process, monitor Web site traffic and compare vehicle pricing statistics. As trends and changes appear in the market, the customer advocates help the dealer stay engaged and knowledgeable.

The customer advocate program is complimentary and available immediately to all XIGroup customers.