Calgary, Alberta — Quorum Information Technologies Inc. (Quorum) announced the launch of XPRESS, the newest addition to its suite of dealership management system (DMS) software products. The new system complements Quorum’s flagship product, XSELLERATOR, a customer management software product which automates, integrates and streamlines every process across departments in a dealership.

In response to a clear market demand, XPRESS is aimed at providing dealers with a way to quickly take advantage of a modern platform, a central customer and vehicle database, and other essential features of a DMS with less disruption to their business, and a lower cost of conversion from their current system. XPRESS provides dealerships with the option of building on to the system at their own pace as they become comfortable with the software and are ready to embrace more sophisticated features.

Quorum’s launch of XPRESS is a strategic move as the company extends its market reach to dealers with franchises other than those of General Motors. XPRESS is available immediately to dealers in both the United States and Canada.

“We’ve found that although the benefits of moving from an older

system to a new, robust and modern DMS are enormous, for some dealers the rate and scope of the change can be daunting. XPRESS is an excellent solution for those dealers. They can now reap some key benefits right away, then ease into using advanced functionality when they are ready. This launch is a classic example of how Quorum listens to dealers and brings them solutions that work for their businesses,” said Maury Marks, president and CEO of Quorum.