Scottsdale, Ariz. — CNA National announced increased sales during the first quarter of 2007 and the introduction of its “X Series” vehicle service contract program, featuring enhanced coverages, expanded eligibility, more terms and competitive pricing.

“The first three months showed impressive gains across all product lines. Now we’re looking to capitalize on that momentum with X Series, which began rolling out last month around the country,” said Alan Miller, who joined the firm in January as senior vice president of sales. “Already we are seeing an overwhelmingly positive response from our agents and dealers.

“First, we are including coverage for more items than ever before with our exclusionary and stated-component plans. These items, such as TV/VCR/DVD players and navigation systems, were previously optional for a surcharge but are now included in the base cost,” he said. “Furthermore, we’re doing this with a minimal rate adjustment, which our dealers really appreciate.

“We now offer a $200 deductible as a lower-cost alternative to our variable and $100 deductible. Finally, we’ve introduced Powertrain Advantage Care, a highly competitive product that covers the major components: engine, transmission and drivetrain,” said Miller.

X Series has been approved for sale in the majority of states with more constantly being added. For further information, please contact the Sales Department at CNA National or the local CNAN representative.