CLEVELAND — Premier Automotive Warranty Inc. announced that Great American Insurance Company will become an insurance carrier for its Warranty Forever Limited Warranty Product.

Great American Insurance Company is a member of Great American Insurance Group and is "A" rated by A.M. Best and Standard & Poor's.

The Warranty Forever program was previously underwritten exclusively by Marathon Financial with Hannover Re as the reinsurance carrier, a new Warranty Forever program insured by Great American Insurance Company will now be made available. Dealers will be given the choice between the two programs according to individual dealership needs and preferences.

"Many dealers are looking for products like the Warranty Forever program to be backed by "A" rated carriers,” said Kelly Price, director of operations for National Automotive Experts, which markets the Warranty Forever program. “The partnership with Great American demonstrates that Warranty Forever is in tune to the wants and needs of their dealers."

Price continued, “Notwithstanding this new partnership with Great American, Premier Automotive Warranty remains very satisfied with its relationship with Marathon and Hannover RE and believes that offering two Warranty Forever programs increases the value to dealers by giving them options."

The Warranty Forever programs are a two-prong approach to marketing and service retention. The Warranty Forever programs help dealers promote a "Lifetime Powertrain Warranty" to its customers at no charge when they purchase a new or pre-owned car thus creating a desire for the customer to return to the dealership for routine maintenance work. Dealers see a great increase in sales, but an even more dramatic increase in service lane traffic.