Nashville, Tenn. — Automobile Consumer Services Inc. (ACS), an online auto leasing company, announced at the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA)'s annual convention in Nashville, Tenn., a new service that gives vehicle sellers who list their cars on eBay or other online classified sites the ability to quote competitive lease payments with the "Lease It Now" SM advertising banner button.

A simple link to a seller's vehicle listing is all that is needed to show a dynamically created lease payment based on the data in the listing, ie. vehicle year, make, selling price and mileage. The link takes the buyer to a co-branded page where they can customize the lease terms and apply for credit online. ACS facilitates the lease and pays the seller.

The service can also be adapted to dealers who already have their own lease sources. In this case, the information about the potential buyer is sent directly to the dealer who facilitates the lease on their own.

"Statistics show that of all new and used vehicles sold, more than 20 percent are leased rather than financed. Within the luxury segment, over 70 percent are leased," says Tarry Shebesta, president of ACS and a certified lease consultant. "Sellers who offer leasing as a finance option can increase the number of potential buyers."

"According to Research and Markets, over $2.8 billion will be spent on online automotive advertising in 2007. Lease It Now SM provides a cost effective way to offer competitive lease payments and gives the seller an advantage over other listings," said Shebesta.

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