Tampa, Fla. — Autotropolis.com, a new car referral generation company, is hearing success stories from dealerships on board with their new Search Engine Marketing product, SEM Referral Accelerator.

According to officials, what sets Autotropolis.com apart from other SEM companies is their guarantee on performance. The dealership pays only for referrals that Autotropolis.com is able to generate through a streamlined dealer Website.

“We want the dealerships to concentrate on selling more cars, not have to deal with the day-to-day grind of bidding, positioning, keyword research and testing creatives that all go into optimizing a well-oiled dealer Website,” said Billy Ferriolo, president of Autotropolis.com. “Being in the car business over 15 years, I understand what it takes to sell a car in a dealership. This SEM product allows the dealerships to sell, and at the same time, know that the bill they pay off is performance.”

Autotropolis.com officials noted that they produce more than 3,000 leads per day through third-party Websites, such as search engines Google, MSN and Yahoo.

Tom Moore Chevrolet of Tampa, Fla. saw an increase of 47 percent in May 2007 compared to May 2006. In their first month, through their own SEM Dealer Website, they originated over 120 referrals.

“With Autotropolis’ business model, charging on workable referrals instead of just Web traffic makes sense,” said Tom Moore, owner. “Autotropolis looks like they’ve reinvented the mouse trap.”

Tony Swain, president of Tampa Hondaland also reported successful results. Swain said the number of leads through his dealership’s Website had averaged about two per day. Since using Autotropolis.com, he reported that the lead total jumped to more than 200 per month.

“What we like the most about the program is Autotropolis.com charges us on conversions, not clicks. So we know that we have a partner that cares about us getting customers in the door and helping us sell more cars. The proof is in our numbers,” said Swain.