United Car Care Inc. (UCC) recently introduced free F&I training seminars for dealerships. The seminars are presented via both Internet Webcasts and toll-free telephone conference calls. This free and effective sales training tool is available to any dealership, and seminars will be presented twice per month at no cost to the dealership or its employees.

“UCC’s free Webcasts and telephone training seminars cover a wide variety of subjects that mirror the sales process in the F&I office,” said UCC’s Director of F&I Development John Vecchioni. “I would like to personally invite all F&I managers to join me for coffee twice a month on Friday mornings for half an hour to listen as I share some practical strategies that have enabled F&I managers around the country to increase product penetration and profitability. The 30-minute seminars break down selected segments of the F&I process and offer practical tips that are proven to increase profits. We cover items such as the crucial ideal introductions, the customer interview process, product presentations, compliance, and proper menu presentations.”

“If you’re inundated with handling objections instead of selling products, than let me share with you how to minimize objections and handle them in a practical and logical manner that customers will understand and appreciate. We’ll discuss why your customer is objecting and the ideas we share will assist in developing a selling and buying culture in your environment.”

The Free Webcasts and telephone training seminars are interactive, allowing participants to e-mail their questions and share actual experiences.

For dates, times, seminar subjects and other information, visit UCC’s Website at www.UnitedCarCare.com or you can contact John at 1-800-571-6412.