Ocala, Fla. — In his new book, The Encyclopedia Of Selling Cars (now available through AuthorHouse), author Ted Lindsay teams with journalist Larry Bush to provide a simple yet dynamic guide to selling cars and the sales industry in general.

Derived from 34 years of hands-on experience, The Encyclopedia Of Selling Cars offers a complete how-to guide for sales professionals. It outlines everything a sales professional needs to know to be successful and covers everything from how to “read” a buyer to how to cure a “sales slump.” The sections on “Goals” and “Activity Management” are invaluable resources for any sales professional interested in being successful.

More than just a sales guide, Lindsay states that The Encyclopedia Of Selling Cars is “an action plan of personal motivation and growth that prepares oneself for the demanding industry of sales. It covers everything from getting out of bed in the morning to going to bed at night.”

Though aimed at those in the automobile sales industry, Lindsay and Bush hope that The Encyclopedia Of Selling Cars will become required reading for anyone involved in sales.

Lindsay and Bush also collaborated on Insider Trading.

More information on both books is available at www.insidertradingsite.com.