Dallas — Ristken Software Services (Ristken), an enterprise-level provider of software solutions for the automotive industry designed to manage employee performance and maximize profits, recently announced it has integrated rates from the Asset Protection Division of Protective Life Corporation into its MenuPro product, giving automotive dealerships direct access to Protective's rates. Ristken also integrates rates from other leading providers into its Menu solution, including Zurich, CNA Warranty and Premier Dealer Services (PDS).

By facilitating access to Protective's rates in one simple, easy-to-use solution through MenuPro, dealers can now electronically rate vehicles resulting in improved accuracy and faster F&I processing. Additionally, MenuPro makes it easy for finance managers at dealerships to create accurate, high-quality product presentations for customers, as well as handle the disclosure and compliance needs of their sales processes, compliance training and compliance monitoring.

Protective is a supplier of extended service contracts, GAP coverage and credit insurance for automobile, marine, RV and power sports dealers.

More than 3500 dealerships nationwide currently use Ristken's products, including MenuPro, to manage disclosures and calculations needed for regulatory, marketing and business scenarios. MenuPro benefits dealers and agents by streamlining sales processes and providing a convenient method to comply with customer disclosure regulations, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction.

More information on MenuPro and other Ristken Software products can be found by visiting Ristken's Website at http://www.ristken.com. Additional information about Protective's Asset Protection Division can be obtained at http://www.protective.com/DealerServices.